Make like a Plant: On Choosing Joy

Plants always choose the light.

Houseplants are wonderful. They clean the air, purify the energy of a room, and brighten up the space they occupy. My grandma has three big, beautiful jasmine plants in her living room that fill the space with lush greenery and—a few times a year—the sweet aroma of jasmine flowers. She must have one of the greenest thumbs in the world; sometimes, I’m actually convinced she’s goddess of abundance incarnate. It’s incredible. She’s the reason that, about nine months ago, I decided to start nurturing some plants of my own. She really inspired me. Continue reading “Make like a Plant: On Choosing Joy”

My Struggles with Anxiety and The Best Ways to Cope

It’s important to own our stories.

This past Tuesday was World Mental Health Day, a day to raise awareness of and shatter the stigmas associated with mental health issues. In honor of World Mental Health Day—and really, for the purpose of helping myself and others cope with all the crazy stuff going on in our beautiful minds—I want to give my take on mental health (anxiety in particular) and share some of the practices that have helped me heal and cope. Continue reading “My Struggles with Anxiety and The Best Ways to Cope”

5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Morning

A mindful morning will prepare you for a wonderful day.

Hello, Sunshine!

Is it just me, or are mornings sometimes *a little* hard to handle? Even if I don’t have to go to class or work until 9 or 10 o’clock, I find myself staying in bed until the last possible moment, until I eventually roll out, brush my teeth, grab a granola bar, and head out the door. In my mind, I reason that staying in bed as long as possible will help me be nice and rested for the day ahead. But unfortunately—as I’m sure we have all figured out at some point—this is not the case. Continue reading “5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in the Morning”

Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness has everything to do with present-moment awareness.

Hello, Sunshine!

I’m writing this post about a very important topic: mindfulness. It is something near and dear to my heart, and I strive to practice it each and every day. I want you to be able to practice it, too, so that you can see all the wonderful benefits of it! Mindfulness has been a hot topic lately, and for good reason. It’s essential to living a happy, balanced life. Not entirely sure about mindfulness? Read on to find out what it is and how it can help you. Continue reading “Mindfulness 101”