Dust of Gold: A Sampling of Poetry

One day the wind will speak to you.


Hopefully everyone is doing well.  I just got back from my two-week-long trip to India, which was absolutely amazing. There was lots of family time, delicious food cooked by my sweet aunts, buffalo and goats strolling down the streets, and some really heartwarming human connection. Traveling out of the country is always such a privilege, as it provides a great deal of perspective. I just love seeing how, in some countries, things are so different than what I’m used to in my daily life, yet it all works perfectly. It’s also really interesting to see how love and laughter serve as a kind of universal language. But that’s a thought for another post.

Today, I’m excited to try something a little different: I’m going to share some poetry with you! About two months ago, I picked up a pen and paper and started writing. I’ve written close to 120 poems so far, and they’ve all come from the heart. It’s been a really wonderful way for me to heal from difficult times, express myself, and simply have fun.

I actually didn’t even like poetry that much until recently. It always seemed so difficult to understand, and in school it was agonizing to have to analyze long poems line by line. And writing poetry? Even worse. How do you think of words that rhyme? What if the rhythm doesn’t flow? What if there’s not enough figurative language? I’ll never be as good as Edgar Allan Poe, so why even bother? All these questions used to cross my mind.

But things changed when, about a year and a half ago, I discovered milk and honey by Rupi Kaur, and then, a few months ago, the sun and her flowers. Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet of Indian descent whose words made me feel something. Her words don’t rhyme; her poems aren’t fancy or elaborate. They’re simple but feel profound. I never realized how beautiful the simplicity could be or how poetry can just be a thing you write to heal your soul.

After reading Rupi Kaur, I moved onto other poets like Amanda Lovelace, Courtney Peppernell, Atticus, and R.H. Sin. It’s been so much fun to read their work.

Anyway, at some point during the whole process of exploring poetry, I started writing some myself. It’s all for fun (although it would be cool to publish a book one day, who knows). The poems below have to do with healing, the strength or women, divine femininity, and a sense of the infinite. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.




i know the winds can be wild and wicked

and when the sky dumps out rain

sometimes it pours

but remember—

storms are kinetic

they always blow over

and like a deeply rooted oak tree

clinging to the earth in the midst of the wind

you will prevail


Rise Again

Weary girl

it does not matter how many times

you have been

shut down








You are a daughter of the moon

and just as she rises into the cosmos

every evening

so will you transcend the circumstances

that have dimmed your light



Allow yourself to fall into

the pits of despair.

Look your sadness





in the eye.

Sit with it a while

embrace it

taste it

make love to it

move through it and

when you’re ready

emerge from it


The Surrender Struggle

It’s comical really

that there is a



universal energy

whatever we may call it

that invented everything

on earth and in the heavens

in absolute flawlessness

yet we struggle so tragically

to trust that very same



universal energy

whatever we may call it

to handle the minuscule

troubles of our

meager lives—

instead remaining convinced

that somehow

we can do it better on our own


New Beginnings

One day the wind will speak to you

or maybe it will be the sea foam on the ocean

or the quiet of the forest

or a slow-burning candle at midnight.

When it speaks to you

you will know what to do

as it resonates in your soul

leaving you born anew


Dust of Gold

There is nothing quite as

empowering yet humbling

as standing beneath the dark sky

on a clear winter’s night.

In the western sky beams the waxing moon—

connecting us to all that is

with her feminine smile—

while in the eastern sky twinkle distant stars

with a light that’s been shining

since before the earth was conceived

in the mind of creation


Yes, You

How does it feel

to know the

moon rises

for you

every evening


Shakti I

She is a tempest on two legs—

a wild embodiment of the wind that

created her


Shakti II

You may want to stand back

to avoid being scorched

by the fire in her heart

for it is inextinguishable


Shakti III

Infinite girl

you are the goddess

the ancients spoke of.

You carry the power and wisdom

of the entire universe

within your wild heart.

How will you use it


With love,





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