The Solar Plexus Chakra: Signs of Blockage and How to Heal

The third piece in the Chakra Series

Welcome back to my Chakra Series for post #3—the solar plexus chakra! I’m extremely excited to be writing this article today. It has been a week of difficult but for-the-best change in my life, and I’ve felt my solar plexus chakra opening up and radiating with an incredibly intense energy. It feels like I’ve really come into my personal power, to the point where I’ve jokingly warned my friends that they are about to be overwhelmed by the love and energy that’s coursing through my veins, threatening to envelop everything within a 50-mile radius.

Anyway, my solar plexus chakra is playing a pretty significant role in the way I’m feeling right now, which is why I’m so excited to talk about it. SO without further ado…

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Let’s remember that chakras are essentially swirling centers of energy within our bodies that mark the convergence of the physical and spiritual aspects of our beings, and that each chakra carries its own particular energy and purpose.


Located between the solar plexus and the navel, the solar plexus chakra (manipura) shines with a bright yellow light. It is where our sense of self originates and it’s sometimes referred to as the “personal power” chakra, which means that it plays a role in our self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation. If you’ve ever had the feeling that you were on top of the world—oozing with self-confidence; feeling motivated, driven, and purposeful; or reveling in your inherent freedom, power, and independence—there’s a pretty good chance that the floodgates were wide open at your solar plexus chakra. It’s a beautiful feeling, of course, and one which I hope every human being will get to experience at some point. Anyway, the color of this chakra, as I said, is yellow, the element associated with it is fire, and it is closely linked with digestion and metabolism.

Signs of Imbalance

Like any other chakra, the solar plexus chakra runs the risk of becoming imbalanced or even blocked if it’s not given its chance to shine. Furthermore, blockages in lower chakras (the root chakra and sacral chakra) can contribute to the solar plexus chakra feeling out-of-whack, as well. So, what exactly does an imbalanced/blocked solar plexus chakra look like? Funny you should ask!

Signs of an imbalanced solar plexus chakra may include:

Anger issues, lack of self-esteem, difficulty making decisions, an inability to set boundaries, codependent relationships, depression, anxiety, addiction, ulcers, digestive issues (such as gas and nausea), asthma, diabetes, acid reflux, liver and kidney problems, nerve pain, and difficulty gaining or losing weight.

If you experience any of these symptoms (as many of us do at some point in our lives), it is possible that there is a blockage in your solar plexus chakra. Thankfully, there are a variety of techniques and practices that can be used to clear the energy of this chakra and heal.

Unblocking the Solar Plexus Chakra

Through Meditation

If you have read my previous articles about the root chakra, the sacral chakra, or even the more general article I wrote about all the chakras, there is no doubt you know that meditation is one of my favorite ways to balance my chakras. While meditating, I like to envision the bright lights of all the chakras along my spine radiating and enveloping me. It’s an exercise that always leaves me feeling energized yet peaceful, and it most definitely clears the blockages I may have.

meditation 2.jpg

To balance the solar plexus chakra during meditation, you will first want to sit or lie down in a comfortable position, with your eyes closed and your palms facing up (having your palms face up symbolizes that you are receptive to the wisdom and healing energy of the Universe). Once comfortable, it may be good to take a few deep, cleansing breaths to clear your mind and settle into a peaceful state. Then, begin to focus on your inhalations and exhalations. Let your breathing be gentle, like the gentleness of mist rising above a lake in the coolness of morning. You do not want your breathing to feel forced. When you are ready, start to envision a bright, absolutely radiant light—yellow, like the sun—forming between your navel and your solar plexus. Watch as the light grows to fill your whole body with great intensity. Breathe as you envision this light, and know that as you watch it, it is healing you, clearing any blockages that may exist, and making you whole. Do this for as long as you need to, as often as you need to.

Through Affirmations

At the risk of sounding repetitive in my articles, affirmations are a powerful tool for healing and clearing energy blockages. As I mentioned in the root chakra article, I’ve done a craft before in which I wrote a variety of affirmations on little slips of paper, put them all into a jar, and pulled them out and read them whenever I needed a little pick-me-up. Amazingly, however, affirmations are not only good for making us feel better about ourselves; they actually have the power to help us balance our chakras!

affirmations 3

Here are some powerful affirmations to help heal the solar plexus chakra:

I am more than enough. I love and accept myself. I stand confidently in my power. I am able to express my identity. I live with integrity. I am in harmony with the world around me. I am confident, worthy, and powerful. I am positive. I do not judge myself or others. I am free from limitations and power struggles. I am free. I am deserving. I use my power for good. I live from a place of authenticity. I am in control of myself.

Obviously these affirmations can be used whenever you feel it’s necessary, but reciting some or all of them first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening can be particularly effective.

Through Crystals

I believe I’ve mentioned that I have some experience with crystals (but not a ton) and that I’m definitely looking to learn more about them. As always, I invite my readers to tell me in the comments about their personal experiences with crystals and what they think of their healing powers. Anyway, it is generally held that crystals do have wonderful healing properties that are based on vibrational frequencies and their ability to transmit energy. In general, chakras can be balanced by finding crystals that match them in color, and either by wearing the crystals or simply keeping them around.

crystals 3

Here are some crystals to help balance the solar plexus chakra:

Lemon quartz, citrine, yellow jasper, tiger’s eye, citrine, yellow tourmaline, topaz, and yellow zircon.

Again, these can be worn on your person or simply kept around you.

Through Food

Food, glorious food! It amazes me how the earth provides us with everything we need to live, heal, and thrive. Maybe in the future, I’ll write an article about natural remedies, but for now, I’ll just say that the food we eat has a huge impact on how our physical and spiritual bodies function. This may seem like common sense, but it doesn’t seem to stop people from eating chicken nuggets and Pop Tarts all the time. If we can actually be mindful of the food we put into our bodies, there is an entire world of healing that can take place, leaving us feeling more energetic and alive than ever before. Even chakras can be balanced or unblocked by eating certain foods.

food 3

Try to consume more of these foods if you’re looking to balance your solar plexus chakra:

Yellow foods such as bananas, corn, lemons, pineapple, squash, peppers, ginger, and turmeric; as well as whole grains and complex carbohydrates such as oats, brown rice, beans, vegetables, quinoa, and millet.

Through Aromatherapy

Again, I don’t have a ton of experience with aromatherapy, but many people I’ve spoken with have expressed their confidence in it. Since the element associated with the solar plexus chakra is fire, the burning of candles and incense is a wonderful way to move toward healing.


Essential oils to look for are:

Lemongrass, coriander, fennel, lime, myrrh, frankincense, lemon, and juniper.

Through Yoga

Yoga, as I’ve said many times before (and will say many more times before this chakra series is over) is a wonderful practice for opening up blocked chakras. In my own personal experience, yoga has been one of the practices that leaves me feeling healed (or at least improved) almost instantly. There have been times when I have been on my yoga mat, doing certain poses, and suddenly, I feel a release of energy, almost as if I need to cry. I’m pretty sure this is a semi-common experience that is a sign of energy flowing and chakras being unblocked. If you’ve never done yoga before, I highly recommend finding a high-quality instructor (which is, in my opinion, one with a soothing voice whose class has a certain type of “flow”) and doing it! Or at least trying it. See if it can work for you.

bridge pose

Just a few ideal yoga poses for healing the solar plexus chakra are:

Bow pose, boat pose, bridge pose, cobra pose, prayer pose, and breath of fire.

Bridge pose is pictured above.

Through Pranayama

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word which essentially means “breath control.” In ayurvedic tradition, pranayama is used for a variety of reasons—to maintain physical health, to maintain mental health, and to maintain spiritual health. Basically, there are a variety of breathing exercises that can be used for healing. I grew up seeing my grandparents use these breathing exercises, and my mom, who—among other things—teaches yoga, uses certain aspects of pranayama in her classes. So naturally, I have a little bit of experience with this, and I have found it to be healing in some ways.


Bhastrika Breath:

This breathing technique awakens digestion and metabolism, both of which are governed by the solar plexus chakra. So naturally, this particular exercise can be used to help balance it.

Sit up tall, with relaxed shoulders, in a comfortable position. Begin by taking a few breaths in and out through your nose, with your mouth closed. Then, inhale forcefully and quickly through your nose and inflate your belly, and then exhale forcefully and quickly through your nose, pressing your belly toward your spine. If you feel like you’re getting an ab workout while doing this breathing exercise, it is completely normal. Repeat the breath about ten times, working your way up to 15 or 20 as time goes on. Once you’re done, you should feel energy flowing near your solar plexus chakra.

Note: this exercise should be done on an empty stomach.

Anyway, as with the chakras we’ve already covered in the Chakra Series, there are a variety of ways to heal, balance, and unblock the solar plexus chakra. Give these practices and techniques a try, come into your personal power, and enjoy living from a place of radiance and strength.

With love,



2 thoughts on “The Solar Plexus Chakra: Signs of Blockage and How to Heal”

  1. Very cool, thank you for this post! I feel confident but have some gut issues I’m working on healing (already got lemons, banana, turmeric, beans, greens, and ginger in my diet today!), so I’ll tack on the meditation and citrine (one of my fave stones) 🙂 I’m going to do some meditations lying down with the citrine on my solar plexus chakra too!


    1. Wow! Look at you eating all the right foods. That’s really great 🙂 I still need to try working with crystals… thanks so much for sharing your experiences with me.


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